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Dolliography BJD photo book project cancelled
Bailey Closeup
With the demise of the Dolliography BJD photo book project, there were a number of photos we had taken both for the cover art, and for the book itself.

Two specific images were created for the cover art.

Here was Juliette with the St Kilda foreshore near Luna Park in the background. Shown with her camera, this was to be front cover, with the Dolliography title in the space.
Juliette's cover photos.

To match the front cover, the back cover was to be a back shot of Juliette in the same spot, looking out to the Marina lighthouse.
Juliette Anthea Kelly

Bailey's hitting the road on her Harley.
Bailey Courtana

Mei Ling dressed for Spring in a Japanese Kimono.
Qiu Mei Ling

Raina on the boardwalk with her roller skates in St Kilda.
Raina Vivica


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