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therein lies the not-space which encapsulates all and nothing

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Welcome to Midspace, my journal/blog of things.

I started the name MidSpace way back in the 1990s, as far as I know the first.
It's a term with many meanings, some of which have come into existence since I came up with the name. Some in dictionaries, and some other references.

It's most commonly known as the following:
Entry: midspace
Pronunciation: 'mid·spAs
Function: noun
Etymology: Modern English
Date: 20th century
1 : typically a region or area of space separating two objects
2 : the quiescent zones that separates the Isle and Paradise. See Superuniverses
3 : that which is not-space and encapsulates all space

I am a creative person at heart, but a private person, so I don't like to talk much about myself.
What you will find on here are things I like to talk about, and things I like to do.
If you wish to know more about these, please look at the links down the right hand side.

If you wish to talk to me, please leave a comment. If you are one of those soulless bottomfeeding vampires that leave any spam, I will delete your message without remorse, and flag your comment with livejournal. They may ban you rather than stake you through the heart. You have been warned.


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